Sierra Skye is not a licensed Certified Personal Trainer. All of her programs on this website have been created by her team of Certified Personal Trainers and Registered Dietitians.

Sierra Skye does not promise any results from using her programs, however her team of CPT's and RD's have seen several success stories from thousands of clients worldwide who have followed the same programming given inside the programs here. They have seen major weight loss, overall muscle tone improvement, strength increase, flexibility improvement, overall mobility increase, improved self-confidence, and more!


In order to see or feel changes in your body, it’s important to follow a quality program on a consistent basis and with clean eating habits, however there are no guarantees for when or if you will see results.

The exact same exercise routines and daily nutritional lifestyle do not promise the same results for every person. These programs were created to help give you quality programming as guidance to help you improve in your own fitness and wellness journey.

By engaging in any of Sierra Skye's programs, you also further agree to not hold Sierra Skye and the Sierra Skye brand's team members accountable for any and all liabilities, personal injuries, or losses that may be associated with following this program.


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If you are found distributing this program, Sierra Skye is permitted to take legal action to the fullest extent of the law.

Waiver of Liability

Before starting any of Sierra Skye's programs or any new physical activity program, she and her team advise that you consult with your doctor. The exercises and other recommendations within her programs may not be ideal or suitable for everyone.

Although she and her team have taken the highest precautions and care while creating this program, we cannot be held responsible for any mishaps, loss, or injury of any kind. Please use your own discretion when using this program.

None of Sierra Skye's programs are intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any health problem.

If you experience any pain, weakness or fatigue, stop her program(s) immediately and consult with your physician or qualified health professional.

None of Sierra Skye programs guarantee results of any kind.

All of her health and wellness programs were created by Sierra Skye’s team of qualified Certified Personal Trainers and Registered Dietitians, however in order to see or feel changes in your body, it’s important to follow a quality program like this one on a consistent basis and with clean eating habits.

These programs are not to be substituted for medical advice or attention. By following any of Sierra Skye's programs, you agree to proceed at your own responsibility and risk. By engaging in her program(s), you also further agree to release Sierra Skye of any and all liabilities, personal injuries, and/or losses that may be associated with following any of her programs.

Thank you for your cooperation.